New activities this #SummerOfFun at Potters Resorts Hopton-on-Sea

NEW for 2024 #SummerOfFun!

May 13, 2024

With inclusive activities, entertainment, hobbies, crafts, sports and more, come rain or shine, every All-Inclusive Family Break at Potters Resorts guarantees fun-filled days for the whole family

Segways, rally karts, archery, laser clays, air rifle shooting, the Cliffhanger climbing wall, adventure golf, bungee trampolines, Last Man Standing, football coaching, the Giant’s Swing, the Garden Party, the Street Fayre, virtual reality, inflatable assault course…

The list is endless, and that’s before all the sports and leisure facilities at your fingertips too. Best of all, it’s ALL included in your break!

But, that doesn’t stop us from making that list a whole lot longer this summer…

We are constantly developing memorable and groundbreaking activities so that every time you come, you’ll experience new things, more fun and more excitement.

So without further ado, find out what’s new for this year’s #SummerOfFun!

NEW! Kids Club | Team Red vs Team Blue

Kids Club at Potters Resorts Hopton-on-Sea this #SummerOfFunWill you be Team Red or Team Blue this #SummerOfFun?

Little ones can look forward to lots of new activities and exciting evenings as part of our Kids Club. And in a slight twist for #SummerOfFun, they can get their game on too, for our Team Red vs Team Blue challenge!

On arrival, kids will receive their colour, plus a special bag of swag, ready to earn points for their team during their break. Rivalries aside, they’ll love our Party Nights too, including a special Super Heroes theme, Boo’s Beach Party, Discos, Fun Football, Inflatable Dart Football and kids entertainment hosted by our larger-than-life team.

NEW! Family Sports Day

Family Sports Day at Potters Resorts Hopton-on-Sea this #SummerOfFun

Put your parents through their paces, or roll back the years and show the kids how it’s done at our hilarious summer sporting event, where you can become the Class of ‘24’s star pupil and earn points for your team too!

With a host of memorable and fun games, it’s a chance to relive those Grange Hill days. And with the one and only Mr Brewer overseeing events, captains and no doubt some not-so-perfect prefects, what could possibly go wrong?

Get ready to run, hop, pull, chuck, balance and bounce, or even just cheer and laugh till you cry, at this special new event for the summer that’s perfect for the whole family.

COMING BACK… Dino Squad!

Dino Squad at Potters Resorts Hopton-on-Sea

Back by popular demand on all breaks this #SummerOfFun, enjoy a roarsome display in The Atlas Theatre as we rewind the clock to the Jurassic period for this brilliant interactive show.

Get up close and personal with a variety of popular headliners including the ferocious T-Rex. This year will also see new dinosaurs appearing, including Ankylosaurus, Spinosaurus and Stygimoloch. There’s even a baby Raptor!

Dino Squad at Potters Resorts Hopton-on-Sea this #SummerOfFunDon’t miss this rip-roaring show this #SummerOfFun!

So come and experience this unforgettable show at Potters Resorts Hopton-on-Sea this year. It’s just one small part of your daytime programme, but with a big bite!


Silent Disco at Potters Resorts Hopton-on-Sea

Inspired by its huge success at Five Lakes, let’s see your moves this #SummerOfFun, as Silent Disco hits the Norfolk coast!

From modern-day bangers for the kids to the classic rock n’ roll days of dancing the night away, there’s a playlist for everyone on our silent dance floor. It’s just you, and a pair of wireless headphones delivering iconic tracks straight to your ears for an unforgettable experience, that is both weird and wonderful for spectators too!

Twitch’s Big Top Circus Workshop

Join Twitch, our resident clown, for a brilliant circus experience for kids of all ages. Yes, even you big kids too! Begin with a fun group warm-up, before Twitch gets down to demonstrating a variety of acts including juggling, plate spinning, diabolo and more!

Big Top Circus Workshop at Potters Resorts Hopton-on-Sea this #SummerOfFunJoin Twitch and learn some new skills this #SummerOfFun!

You’ll learn valuable skills including balancing, creative thinking and kinaesthetic skills. There’s even a workshop if you fancy giving stilts a try for the first time! The Big Top Circus Workshop is a great activity for everyone, whatever your age and ability.

Children must be accompanied by an adult. This activity is led solely by Twitch so cannot be guaranteed on every Family Break.

NEW! It’s lights out and away we go!

Scalextric at Potters Resorts Hopton-on-Sea this #SummerOfFunEnjoy the thrill of Pro Scalextric this #SummerOfFun!

Get ready to rev your engines and experience the nostalgia of Scalextric like never before! We’re talking about the ultimate blast from the past, now turbocharged with cutting-edge technology.

Relive the thrill of Scalextric but in Pro form, with wireless controllers that let you race up to 6 cars at once! Brace yourself for adaptable weather conditions that add an exciting twist to the race, making every lap a pulsating adventure. It’s the perfect blend of retro fun and modern excitement, bringing this family favourite roaring up to date.

Fancy a sneaky preview as to what you can expect? Check this out:

All the Fun of the Fayre!

Our timeless Street Fayre is a favourite throughout #SummerOfFun, featuring fairground games, hilarity and plenty of fun in the sun!

And there’ll be even more excitement this year too, with the Human Fruit Machine, Stick a Star, Beat the Clock and Lucky Six to name just a few. 

So get involved this summer on the South Terrace. It’s an afternoon not to be missed and a true holiday highlight of our #SummerOfFun.

NEW! Mini Drone Adventure

Embark on an adrenaline-fuelled adventure as you step into our futuristic drone command centre!

Mini Drone Adventure at Potters Resorts Hopton-on-Sea

Prepare to pilot your mini drone, navigating a thrilling indoor assault course designed to test your skills and agility. Under the expert guidance of our seasoned drone instructors, learn the art of precision flying, daring manoeuvres, and masterful control.

Minimum age of 14.

NEW! Clout Archery

It’s traditional archery with a twist!

Shoot from distance at a target on the ground known as a ‘clout’, typically a flag or marker placed horizontally. The aim is to land your arrows as close to the clout as possible. It requires precision, distance judgement, and skilful trajectory calculation.

Minimum age of 13.

NEW! RC Balloon Jousting

Picture four valiant contestants, armed with remote-controlled cars, equipped with a lance and coloured balloon… and let the chaos commence!

RC Balloon Jousting at Potters Resorts Hopton-on-Sea

Enter our jousting arena and pop your rival’s balloon, along with their dreams of becoming a champion. Precision and agility are the keys to success as you aim to outwit and outmanoeuvre your adversary!

Minimum age of 12.

With everything you love already about our All-Inclusive Family Breaks, plus so many amazing new experiences, it’s going to be our best #SummerOfFun yet. And we can’t wait to see you there!

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