Recommend friends & family and Earn!

We hope you had a wonderful time during your recent stay with us and have been telling your friends and family all about it!

We’re thrilled to hear that so many of our new guests come from recommendations by others who have enjoyed their stay. That’s why we love rewarding our guests for spreading the word about us!

For every person you recommend that is brand new to Potters Resorts, you’ll earn £50 in credit to use on a future break!

Earning credit couldn’t be simpler:


When you are telling your friends and family what a great time you had, ask them to call us on 0333 3207 507 and quote GIFT when they book Potters for the very first time. They will then save £50 for each new guest on their booking.


When booking, they’ll be asked to provide your surname and postcode. Then we’ll credit you with the same value in future credit to use off a new or existing booking with us.


And the best bit? There is no top limit on the amount of credit you can earn. Just imagine, if you referred 8 friends and they all booked a party of 4, that would be £960 credit for you. You could earn so much that your next stay could be completely free!

Create your shareable voucher now

Simply enter your surname and postcode below and we will create your own personal voucher for you to share with friends, family and colleagues.

Terms and Conditions

Discounts are applicable to every referred person who books a break at Potters Resorts for the very first time. A £50 discount per person will be given for any 3 or 4-Night All-Inclusive break. Infants are excluded. The discount is applicable on breaks taken in 2023 and 2024.
Vouchers cannot be used in conjunction with any other offer or discount.
Vouchers do not have to be presented but the unique reference must be quoted at time of booking. Vouchers and subsequent discounts cannot be retrospectively added to bookings.
We reserve the right to cancel or change the scheme at any time without prior notice.
The voucher has a cash equivalent of £0.0001.

Credit Credit
will be added within 5 working days of a referred booking being taken and confirmed.
If the referrer is making a booking with new guests that they have recommended, they can use their accrued credit from these guests on that break.Credit will only be applied once a booking is confirmed and deposits (or balance depending on arrival date) have been paid.
Credit will be deducted from an account/booking should the booking that the credit relates to be cancelled. Certain breaks may be excluded and cannot have any credit used against them.
Credit will expire 12 months from the date added.

Potters Resorts reserves the right to withdraw or change the offering at any time.
Credit cannot be used as a deposit payment or as payment towards any extra booking items such as Cancellation Protection, Celebration Packages, etc.
When using credit for new bookings, should the booking subsequently be cancelled all credit will become void, unless Cancellation Protection is taken at time of booking and the reason for cancellation is covered.