Potters Resorts

Frequently Asked Questions

Please take a look at some of the most frequently asked questions from Potters Resorts. Some of our frequently asked questions are subject to change, so if you have an upcoming booking with us, please refer to your Pre-Arrival information for the latest information.

What does All-Inclusive mean at Potters Resorts
Is there anything NOT included?
Are children welcome?
What entertainment is included?
What about sports and leisure facilities?
What meals are included?
When and what drinks are included?
Is there a different theatre show every night?
What about accommodation?
Is there a fridge in my room?
Do I need to bring swimming towels?
What time can I check-in?
What time do I need to check-out?
Do you accept bookings from single-sex parties?
Can I bring a large group?
We're celebrating! Can we organise something special?
We have friends that are local, can they come and visit us?
Is there WiFi?
Are pets allowed
Can we hire equipment for sports facilities?
How do I register to play in the bowls tournament?
What if I forget to pack something?
I have limited mobility. Will this be a problem?
Do you have charging points?