The Boating Lake at Potters Resorts Five Lakes

Your adults’ playground at Five Lakes this summer!

May 27, 2024

It’s a time that can fill you with both excitement and a tinge of dread. Yep, the summer holidays are just around the corner and at Potters Resorts, we’re ticking all the boxes!

For many of us, the school holidays mean fun and games with the kids and grandkids, and our #SummerOfFun at Hopton-on-Sea is perfect for an All-Inclusive getaway for all ages.

But, you’d be forgiven for seeking a peaceful treat away from it all too…

All-Inclusive Breaks at Five Lakes are Exclusively for Adults all year round. It’s a peaceful retreat in the beautiful Essex countryside whatever the season, but especially in the summer holidays!

Boating Lake at Potters Resorts Five LakesWith a huge choice of inclusive activities, you can relax or get active!

Your adults’ playground offers a huge choice of activities, entertainment, hobbies, crafts and sports, across 320 acres of peaceful Essex countryside.

With plenty of hilarity to brighten already sunny days on The Garden Terrace, rally karts, archery, laser clays, air rifle shooting, the boating lake, golf, our indoor sports park and so much more, you’re guaranteed to enjoy fun and relaxed days in our wide open spaces.

Archery at Five LakesThe Archery Range

But we’re constantly developing new memorable and groundbreaking experiences, adding even more fun, excitement and laughter to an already bustling programme! And this summer is no different…

Dan’s Big Top Circus Workshop

Join Dan, our resident clown at Five Lakes, for a brilliant circus experience. Get in the spirit of things with a fun warm-up, before Dan gets down to demonstrating a variety of acts including juggling, plate spinning, diabolo and more!

You’ll hone valuable skills including creative thinking and kinaesthetic skills, and you can even try stilts for the first time! So roll up, roll up to The Big Top Circus Workshop this summer and enjoy a great giggle with friends.


Get ready to rev your engines and experience the nostalgia of this blast from the past, now turbocharged with cutting-edge technology!

Scalextric at Potters ResortsEnjoy the thrill of Pro Scalextric this summer!

Relive the thrill of Scalextric but in Pro form, with wireless controllers that let you race up to 6 cars at once. Brace yourself for adaptable weather conditions that add an exciting twist to the race, making every lap a pulsating adventure. It’s the perfect blend of great fun and modern excitement, bringing this retro favourite roaring up to date.

Fancy a sneaky preview as to what you can expect? Check this out:

Your NEW Street Fayre!

Our timeless Street Fayre is a favourite throughout the summer with fairground games, hilarity and fun in the sun!

And there’ll be even more excitement this year too, with the Human Fruit Machine, Stick a Star, Beat the Clock and Lucky Six to name just a few.

So get involved and enjoy this true holiday highlight of your All-Inclusive Summer Break at Five Lakes.

Mini Drone Adventure at Potters Resorts

Mini Drone Adventure

Embark on an adrenaline-fuelled adventure as you step into our futuristic drone command centre!

Prepare to pilot your mini drone, navigating a thrilling indoor assault course designed to test your skills and agility. Under the expert guidance of our seasoned drone instructors, learn the art of precision flying, daring manoeuvres, and masterful control.

Backstage Tour

Discover what’s behind the curtain of The Glade Theatre this summer as we take you behind the scenes!

Get an exclusive peek of what happens as the Potters Theatre Company perform West End quality productions, from quick costume changes to make-up, as well as the technical side of things with sound and lighting.

Theatre-goer or not, come along and join us for this fascinating and exciting experience!

RC Balloon Jousting at Potters Resorts

RC Balloon Jousting

Picture four valiant contestants, armed with remote-controlled cars equipped with a lance and coloured balloon… and let the chaos commence! Enter our jousting arena and pop your rival’s balloon, along with their dreams of becoming a champion. Precision and agility are the keys to success as you aim to outwit and outmanoeuvre your adversary!

Clout Archery

This traditional form of archery involves shooting arrows at a distant target on the ground, rather than a conventional bullseye-style target.

The target, known as a “clout,” is placed horizontally while archers aim to land their arrows as close to the clout as possible. It requires precision, distance judgement, and skillful trajectory calculation.

Fun Axe Throwing

Experience the thrill of traditional axe throwing with lightweight, rubber axes designed for all ages and abilities.

With targets creating friendly competition, this activity is a great way to improve hand-eye coordination and for many, will be something new to try for very the first time!

And there’s more…

The fun won’t end at Five Lakes this summer, with even more additions to our bustling programme and list of activities.

If you struggle on the doubles, why not try your hand on our Inflatable Dart Board instead? And, for the navigator in you, why not give our Treasure Hunt a go?

We’ve also finished work on our Crazy Golf course at Five Lakes, you can take on our Soar & Score challenge for good causes, and don’t miss your opportunity to Beat the Entertainer in a hilarious new activity with our larger-than-life team.

It’s all happening here at our Adults’ playground this summer, so what are you waiting for?

Come and join us in the glorious Essex countryside at Five Lakes!

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