Potters Theatre Company's Spotlight

Spotlight: Potters Theatre Company’s new show opens

April 16, 2024

A review: Live from The Atlas Theatre, Potters Resorts Hopton-on-Sea

A new Potters Theatre Company production always garners great attention. And guests visiting Norfolk-on-Sea this week didn’t have to wait long, with the opening of Spotlight headlining their first evening.

(Those at Five Lakes would have to wait a little longer, until their final night!)

The air in the Garden Bar and Restaurant is filled with anticipation before seats in the Atlas rapidly fill. Backstage, the Potters Theatre Company make final preparations after months of planning and rehearsals.

The stage is set!The stage is set!


Spotlight promises “a heartfelt tribute to the mesmerising world of West End & Broadway musicals”. And you’re swiftly taken to the heart of musical history as the show opens with a powerful rendition of Tomorrow, from Annie.

It becomes apparent that this is a carefully chosen opener. A montage reminds us of the challenges faced by the theatre industry throughout the covid pandemic, and the feeling of celebration as their doors opened once again.

Enjoy a teaser of Spotlight from our final dress rehearsal…

Every facet of PTC’s repertoire is displayed as they seamlessly shift to the music of We Will Rock You. Pitch-perfect vocals, energetic choreography and dazzling costumes are all supported by the bright lights of the theatre’s stunning LED sets.

You’ll still be going Radio Ga Ga as the focus turns to more recent theatre productions. The Hamilton section features a hilarious cameo from Henry Patterson, before the Six wives of Henry VIII take to the stage. Then, you’re off to Oz, Defying Gravity in Wicked fashion!

Potters Theatre Company perform SpotlightThe Potters Theatre Company performing Spotlight in The Atlas Theatre, Hopton-on-Sea

Rewind to the 80s with hits from Grease and The Rocky Horror Show and you’ll be grinning from ear to ear, before a celebration of some of the most famous musicals of all time. Jesus Christ Superstar, Cats and Oliver! are breathtakingly acknowledged in Spotlight, as the Potters Theatre Company draw on every fibre of their musical roots.

"Fantastic new show, Spotlight. Well done to all the cast"

Spotlight closes memorably, with stirring renditions of Somewhere Over the Rainbow and Circle of Life. And, as the last note is delivered to a beaming audience, the music is swiftly replaced by a standing ovation.

Spotlight receives a standing ovation at Potters Resorts Five LakesSpotlight launched in The Glade Theatre, Five Lakes on Thursday 18th April and received a standing ovation

The takeaway…

There’s little sign of the applause dying down as the Potters Theatre Company takes centre stage once more. Gratefully accepting the applause and taking their bow as the curtains close, there’s a feeling that the Potters Theatre Company has once again exceeded expectations.

Covering decades of theatre, Spotlight transitions between popular shows and eras with precision and professionalism, going above and beyond in its promise of whisking you off to Broadway and the West End.

From the first second to its pulsating crescendo, this is a night that will certainly live long in the memory.

"Fantastic end to another fabulous break"

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