Knit & Natter at Potters Resorts

Knitting for a Cause

June 06, 2024

On your next trip to Hopton-on-Sea or Five Lakes, you’ll likely see Knit & Natter as an activity on your jam-packed programme.

If nothing else it’s a chance to get crafty, and enjoy a chat with like-minded guests. With everything provided plus our friendly team on hand, whether you’re experienced with the needles or a novice, you’ll be able to create beautiful handmade squares that serve a purpose.

At Five Lakes, every stitch is a step towards warming someone in need, with all creations going to a local homeless charity. Meanwhile, over at Hopton-on-Sea, you’ll create mother and baby bonding squares, which are donated to James Paget University Hospital’s Special Care Baby Unit.

Ian Wall’s office, getting ready for our next delivery of scarves and bonding squares!

To highlight all of your efforts already, many of you will know Faye from the Entertainment Team at Hopton-on-Sea, who is currently enjoying maternity leave with her partner Tom and their beautiful baby boy Reggie.

But having found themselves in the Neonatal Unit at the James Paget, they were provided with the baby bonding squares whilst separated. And Faye wanted to get in touch with Ian Wall, our Group Activities Coordinator and the brain behind this heartwarming initiative, to let him know what a difference our guests are making…

Faye & Reggie were thankful for the support of guests taking part in Knit & Natter

So thank you, to everyone who has contributed to these amazing causes. And when you’re next with us, why not give ‘Knit & Natter’ a look, and make a difference in our communities.

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