Jack Jenkins takes on the Maldon Mud Run!

Jack Jenkins takes on the Maldon Mud Race!

June 03, 2024

Our very own Jack Jenkins is aiming to raise £30,000 before his 30th birthday, in support of the Norfolk Accident Rescue Service (NARS).

He’s already taken on a North Sea Survival Challenge, and braved the freezing January waters on our Social Media Weekend. So his next challenge would at least be a touch warmer…

On Sunday 2nd June, just a few short miles from the beautiful Five Lakes, Jack donned his lycra suit and hit the town of Maldon for their world-famous mud race!

To watch Jack’s highlight reel from the Maldon Mud Race, simply tap on the link below, courtesy of Mark Brewer and Henry Patterson (who joined him on the day ‘for the lols’):

Having made it back safely and exhausted to the welcoming arms of Henry and Mark (once he found them at the Tiptree Jam tent), Jack had some time to reflect on the day…

“This was the toughest challenge to date! I have to say what an incredible event it was though. There was so much going on and such a lovely atmosphere on the day. The sun definitely helped too.

"A huge thank you to all the Potters people who came out to watch and support me. It was lovely to stop and chat and hear people cheer my name. That carried me over the finish line!"

“I’m sorry if I didn’t get a chance to speak to anyone who came to support me. There were so many people there!

“I’m already thinking about doing it again next year. I came 55th out of 360 entrants, so it would be good to see if I can do any better.

“A big thank you to everyone who has donated to Jack’s Drive so far. And to Jules, who I got talking to in the crowd. She gave me £20 there and then towards the challenge!

Finally, a mention to our Facebook fans who suggested I wear the gold shorts. They definitely made me easier to spot…

Jack's Drive to Save Lives!

About NARS & Jack’s Drive to Save Lives

Norfolk Accident Rescue Service (NARS) is a charity providing life-saving volunteer clinicians for emergencies such as cardiac arrest, serious falls, road traffic collisions and seizures.

Established in 1970, NARS has a team of around 50 volunteer doctors, nurses, critical care paramedics, paramedics and first responders. They attend over 1,600 emergency calls every year in Norfolk.

The charity receives no Government funding and relies solely on the generosity of public donations and fundraising across Norfolk.

Jack’s £30,000 will provide a brand new First Responder vehicle, allowing NARS to respond to an ever-increasing number of calls.

You can donate here, and remember to keep an eye on our social platforms for news of Jack’s next challenge!

To find out more about NARS, click here.

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